Hasbro released Cull Obsidian wave of Action Figures under Marvel Legends last year in US and ended up picking Antman and The Wasp from Walmart, Norwalk CT. Since then I tried my best to complete the Cull Obsidian build a figure and picked up my last two (Marvel’s Black Knight and Malekith) during Amazon India. Today I was in Toys R Us, Bangalore and found these action figures showing up in our shore.

Cull Obsidian Wave - Malekith and Marvel's Black Knight

I was casual browsing through the Marvel Legends Aisle in Toys R Us, Bangalore and something hit me hard with his bright red color! I got curious and realized that it is Malekith from Cull Obsidian wave. Then started pulling out one after the other till I found 5 action figures from that wave!

Cull Obsidian Wave Toys R Us, India

Yes you heard me right five not six! I found “Malekith”, “Marvel’s Black Knight”, “Marvel’s Wasp”, “Ant-Man” and “Thor” figures from Cull Obsidian not “Black Widow” anywhere here in this Store! I even check with the store supervisor but they couldn’t find her anywhere here. All these action figures comes to you at INR.1999/- which is on par with other Marvel Legends 6inch figures. TRU is offering a 20% discount on all products till tomorrow, which makes these Beauties a steal! Thanks Toys R Us for bringing in this wave home!

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