We action figure collectors in India get very limited options… only some select waves make it to our shore and if you are interested in something else then importing ins the only option! And last year lone Hasbro released few sexy BAF waves and Cull Obsidian wave was my favorite. I started with “Antman and The Wasp” by picking up the first two action figure from Walmart, Norwalk.

Marvel Legends Cull Obsidian Wave Haul

Since then, I been reliant to complete this Cull Obsidian BAF, yeah supposed to be my first build a figure! I picked the other two Avengers: Infinity War figures “Thor” and “Black Widow” few months from Amazon.in when the price went down. Yesterday Amazon unleashed “Great Indian Sale 2019” and I had a hit with the last two missing pieces!

Marvel Legends Cull Obsidian Wave - Black Knight

Marvel’s Black Knight is a very sorted figure and that got his price to overshoot because of demand! I had this guy in my Amazon wishlist for very long time and the this the only time it came down below it actual MRP i.e. INR.1999/- and seized the opportunity and picked him up for INR.1599/- with a instant cash back of 10% effectively making it INR.1439/- a piece. I like him for the swappable heads and of course that BAF piece!

Marvel Legends Cull Obsidian Wave - Malekith

This Malekith action figure something I picked to complete the “Cull Obsidian” build a figure but he is one hell of a figure and his sword is wicked awesome! The packages that we get are usually beaten up badly because the vendors treat is mostly like a toy but this is an exception! Overall I was super happy for a mission accomplished well. So you know whats coming your way… yeah unboxing then a full review of these as well as the BAF figure! Till then, Ciao!

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