This is that time of the year when I sit down and write down what we achieved this year before starting a new year. Me being a toy collector, I look back at my toy collection and here it goes… As this year was not great in terms of numbers but I had a good run overall. Usually I put only action figures in the list but this time I decide to added my bobble heads and even some KOs figurines.

Neca - RoboCop

Lets start the rewind with a bang… yeah its noting but the Neca Robocop and I instantly fell for it and reached for my wallet! This came in around the first week of this year when I casually visited “The Entertainment Store“, Bangalore and picked it! This Robocop figure nostalgia effect is the main reason why I even picked it… this guy used to be my favourite before the Batman and Ironman!

Marvel Legends - Captain America WWII Motorcycle

As you know by now I am a big time 1/12 motorcycle so I look at Marvel Legends Riders series from time to time and one that love the most id the WWII Captain America with motorcycle. I somehow couldn’t convince myself to buy one brand new so I dint but this year all that changed when I saw one in FB group, I picked! This is a great pair for toy photography and a worthy display piece.

KO - Hulkbuster

Iroman especially Hulkbuster armour is my weakness and this year I picked one more to my ever growing collection. This is not a licensed or scaled action figure made by a unknown company but I loved it so much and picked it! This Hulkbuster dint even come with a box, which I picked from a local toy store for INR.700 and its a worthy I guess! I gets a bit of articulation but I would like to keep this as a static piece in my Hulbuster corner!

KO - Iron Man Mark85

I picked one more unlicensed action figure roughly around 4inch with some great details. Though a unlicensed Iron Man Mark-85 this gets great paint job, good details and that blaster is just wow! This technically is an action figure but articulation is super limited! It does come with a base with Avengers logo, which is a nice touch. Yes you can turn the head for some sleek poses if you get a bit creative with this Iron Man.

Mattel - Velociraptor

This year I also opened my collect doors to a brand new action figure, which is animal! Yeah I added Jurassic World Jurassic Park Hammond Collection Velociraptor and I am really having fun with it! I actually was looking for a Blue but dint find it anywhere in our local stores so picked this as a placeholder till Mr.Blue come in! This is a very flexible poser and I am exploring some new stuff, so you will see a bit this guy in upcoming articles!

Funko Pop - Zombie Ironman

As mentioned earlier, this year is not just about action figures (if that’s what you are here for you can skip the rest) but more than that! I added a Funko Pop Zombie Iron Man, which was one of my wishlist item and was trilled when I realised that I can pick this guy up in a physical store not far from home… Yes this again was picked from the same toys store I picked the Neca Robocop but this was planned visit after seeing this their website. I am not a big Funko collector and I only collect Iron Man pops so this is a natural addition! With this Iron Man, I am reaching my 10th Iron Man Pop!

HotToys Cosbaby - Batman with Batrang

Ever since I started action figure collection, I been dreaming of owning at least one “Hot Toys” figure… And that dream turned true this year, yeah its a cos baby but still it is a Hot Toys right! I got this from store in Bangalore Comic-Con 2023 for around INR.3000, which is a steal! I may add few more Cosbaby figures but not getting into it like I do with 6/7inch action figures!

iBlock Fun - Mike Wazowski Building Block

This year definitely is diverse and I even picked couple of lego style block building figure… The movie “Monsters Inc” is one of my favourite movies and that main character “Mike Wazowski” is very cool! I picked a building block figure of Mike Wazowski by iBlock Fun (unknown brand for me) and he worked like a charm! But these kind of block building is not my thing but may add few in days to come!

Knockoff - Tom & Jerry

Growing up Tom & Jerry was my favourite duo in all of animated world. I been trying to find a decent Tom & Jerry for some time, till this year all I could find is either McDonald toys or Funko Pop that don’t scale well! But this year I found these two in a small toy store shadowed by sea of Anime figures, at just INR.300 these are awesome as a showpiece and also with some 6/7inch action figures as set pieces. I got these two purely for the nostalgia! Though this year dint worked as expected but gotten so much better! Cheers to a New Year brimming with action figures, toys, statues and good health overall to enjoy them! HAPPY NEW YEAR…

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