After an embarrassing defeat to Thanos… Hulk’s sprite is recovering and today he show off his real form and figure in his fierce green form. He was spotted today around our apartment. He seems angry and build to take on Thanos and his army in stride.

This is a 24cms figure by “Crazy Toys”, this is not an action figure but a static figurine and the pose is kind of taunting and fierce! His lowered left hands give some prospects to his massive size!

The details are top class and every vein just pops enhancing the angry them! His trousers is also done with a lot of perfection. The face with white painted teeth and sleek eye graphics give him some sleek details to talk about.

Taking all of these into account, this Hulk is all set to take on Thanos and any monsters gang he digs out from any universe! Now you know who is coming in next… Yes Thanos!

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