Today I went to VR Bangalore to watch “Captain Marvel” movie in IMAX and had blast of an experience. After the movie I was out scanning the Hamleys… I wasn’t expecting much, as most of the good stuff are swept away in their 50% discount sale (full coverage here) but to my surprise found some old but gold like stuff. Of that this Spider-Girl from “Hobgoblin” wave released way back in 2015.

Marvel Legends - Spider Girl

I found few other marvel legends from the same time release but this is the best. So I picked it immediately and started searching for the Spiderman figure but thats not to be found so settled for just this girl. The price blowed my minds off… Because it was released way back in 2015 the price is only INR.1149/- and the billing clerk revealed that it gets an additional INR.400/- making it the cheapest marvel legend at INR.749/- This Spider-Girl came with a Head and the Wing pack of Hobgoblin BAF piece.

Marvel Legends - Spider Girl

This Spider-girl action figure is a real old stock and the box is still in a decent shape, because I don’t worry about the package much I picked it without hesitation. She is my second marvel legends to be added to my collection this March and she would make a great addition to my Women Power collection. She is a comic edition Spider-Girl and would stay high on card till MCU releases her in its Movie.

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