Since Avengers: Infinity War we Marvel fans are looking into Avengers: Endgame for some conclusion! And because it is the most sorted movie, the toy makers are releasing toys and action figures to seize this opportunity. And I being a Iron Man fan wanted my first Avenger: Endgame acquisition to be him and I got lucky today! I was toy hunting in Shoppersstop and came across the action figures aisle and spotted the Endgame action figure in the pegs. I rushed in and fiddled through collection and found only basic hasbro action figures along with Titan series figures (full coverage here).

Avengers: Endgame - Ironman Action Figure

But if it is Iron Man action figure then I dont mind the brand or scale so I just picked one basic 6 inch figure and kicked started my collection. The coincident is that even last year, my first pick for Avengers: Infinity War is an action figure from the same basic series like this one. And lets hope my Endgame collection grows at the same speed as my Infinity War!

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