Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom did good in collection and won a lot of hearts as well. I loved the movie till the island disappears! The movie’s overall story line is good and sci-fi team did an exceptional job in keeping up with the new age. I personally liked the volcanic eruption scene and wanted to replicated the poster with my figurines so picked the 1:20 Tyrannosaurus Rex some years back and Mattel Gyrosphere with Claire figure few weeks back. Finally the time has come to pic the last piece(Mattel Owen & Baby Blue Figure) for the poster shot.

Mattel Owen & Babyblue Figure - Package

Getting back to the this unboxing, this technically is not a unboxing but a unpacking! The package is a kind of blister packaging and the both figures are fastened using a blister style engraving. There was one option available with full grown Blue and Owen(same as this) but I was not that into that because that Blue is not cool!

Mattel Owen & Babyblue Figure - Package

Mattel Owen & Babyblue Figure - Package

Just like the Gyrosphere with Claire figure package the package artwork is exceptional, which is designed to show off that volcano scene! I like the cardart of Gyrosphere with Claire figure as opposed to this package. The rear of the package shows some more option that you have.. Yes there is an other Owen figure with some kind of shield!

Mattel Owen & Babyblue Figure - Package Content

Unpacking is relatively straight forward… Cut the bluster off, pull the figures and accessories off its stay and viola… you are done. Though the unpacking is simple, there no way to repack, which kind of is a bummer! This Owen figures come with few accessories like a knife that goes behind his back, a fanny pack and finally the baby blue(my favorite) with big baby eyes.

Mattel Owen & Babyblue Figure - Unboxing

Mattel Owen & Babyblue Figure - Unboxing

Both Owen and Baby Blue figures looks perfectly sized and stands up without any support, which is a good thing! The fanny pack that came in as accessory fit him perfectly, but restricts his hands movements a bit. Owen figure come some articulation. Head rotates, elbows, shoulders, knees and hips gets this articulation but it is not full on action figure so these are limited to one axis only.

Mattel Owen & Babyblue Figure

Mattel Owen, Claire and Babyblue Figure

These figures fits perfectly with the previously picked Claire, though Claire looks a bit taller than Owen but thats not a big deal. Baby Blue on the other hand is a slightly less detailed figure but that gives the baby look.

Mattel Owen & Claire Figure in Gyrosphere

Final test is called the Gyrosphere test… And this Owen figure passed it with flying colors! Yes this Owen feels at home inside the Gyrosphere and fit well in the seat. Overall this is one nice addition and I felt like I am getting closer to the my target. Next step is to take this figure along with rest of the diorama pieces and shot that Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom poster. Stay tuned… lot more coming your way. Ciao.

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