Captain Marvel movie is around the corner and all MCU fans are bracing for some inter galactic action between krees and skruls. I got tickets for this weekend and all excited for it! Mean while I am preparing a special Woman’s Day photoshoot so decided to get the recently acquired Hasbro 6inc Marvel Legends Captain Marvel from the kree Sentry wave out of the box. Here is my unboxing experience of this beautiful yet powerful Captain Marvel action figure.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain Marvel - Package

Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain Marvel - Package

The package of this Kree Sentry wave retain the same shape and dimension of the existing Marvel Legends. But there are difference… firstly the graphics! The graphics is not that of action figurine but of the real character, which is good and bad, good because the package looks nicer with real character like “Brie Larson” for this Captain Marvel. The flip side is that I like seeing the real product photo on the outside because it gives life to the package!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain Marvel - Unboxing

Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain Marvel - Unboxing

The other major difference is the way the inside blister and the outside cover… yeah now the outside over also comes off making the unboxing easier than before! I absolutely love this as opposed to the original design. Do you like this design? Let me know in the comments section below.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain Marvel - Unboxed

Once outside this Captain Marvel action figure look awesome! Yeah my pic don’t do justice to this action figure because of her metallic armor the camera was struggling to get a lock! The red and blue looks a sort of metallic and the gold is really nice.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain Marvel - Backdraft

I started loving the backdrafts that comes in the box… The case is same here as well though the yellowish gold don’t make this beautiful red and blue outfit stand out but the star graphics makes this a good addition.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain Marvel - Action Figure

Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain Marvel - Accessories

This Hasbro Marvel Legends comes with one replacement head, which is my favorite and also two open palms. The fisted hand looks nice but the open hands is useful for some subtle poses like the last pic here with goose the cat. When pegged side by side you get to see the difference.. I like the helmeted head for some aggressive poses and open face for some subtle poses. Yeah I like the mohawk look with the helmet on but that would work mostly fight poses.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain Marvel - Flight Stand

As mentioned above I like her mohawk helmet look for aggressive poses, put her in a flight stand (like my home made stand) then you get yourself a looker. I personally like her in flight stand as she look perfect in it and the mohawk look completes the picture.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain Marvel - Weight

This Captain Marvel is not a heavy weight like Thanos or Hulk but I still wanted to know the weight so I put her in the scale and it read 48grams (1.69315 ounces), which is decent taking into consideration her build. I should say Hasbro did a decent job with material as well.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch - Size Comparison

For size comparison I pulled in my recent addition Scarlet Witch from the “Avengers: Infinity War” two pack with Vision. Captain Marvel is almost the same height as Scarlet Witch works well together. I am planning a woman’s day special photoshoot and may use these two side by side.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain Marvel and Thanos - Size Comparison

How could you leave Thanos who made Nick Fury call Captain Marvel for help. Yeah Thanos is a massive guy and Captain Marvel looks tiny, lets hope the fights are as furious as the Infinity War stunts. Even with the size disadvantage this Captain Marvel figure live up to its expectation with her attitude enhanced by her fisted hands.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Captain Marvel and Goose

It seems like I am already falling in love with this Captain Marvel figure even before watching the movie. My first impression about this action figure is all good and I absolutely love her. I mentioned in the accusation log post I have a pre-order for the Binary Form Captain Marvel, which I usually use for parts swap etc., which makes this the one and only Captain Marvel and I was super exited that I picked this as opposed to the bummer jacket version! I should put a full review of this beauty too so stick around. Till next time… Ciao.

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