I been looking for a decent Dutch figure from the 1987 Predator Movie ever since I started collecting action figure few years back. Finally I found one made by Neca that too a 30th Anniversary “Jungle Extraction Dutch” in The Entertainment Store, Bangalore and picked him immediately for INR.2499/-! He was sleeping inside the box till last week and finally I woke him up right in time for my Top 10 Best Action Figure of 2018 post. To make it official I am posting the unboxing and first look now, lets start.

1987 version of “Predator” is one of those movie that chills blood. Those jungle scenes just look super real and the cinematography is exceptional! And me being an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan love every scenes and the fight scene are exceptional, the special effects on the predator is just awesome! I personally love the scene when Arnold covers himself with mud and huts it!

This “Jungle Extraction Dutch” comes a very special package with lot of nice graphics and is kind of a collectors box too! What I like the most about this box is the big window and jungle themed graphics all over. The back side of holds a bio infos and thumbnail of other action available under this 30th Anniversary wave.

This is slightly a bigger box than normal Neca package and for size comparison I placed it next to Marvel Studio The First Ten Years “Red Skull”. This is slightly smaller that the Marvel Studio 10 years package and even the placement of the action figure so as the accessories.

This Neca action figure of Jungle Extraction Dutch comes in a transparent blister kind of casing. The action figure is placed in the center rounded by his weapon. The weapons are placed in the blister with a small piece of transparent tape securing them in place.

Jungle extraction Dutch(Arnold Schwarzenegger) likes his weapon and he usually comes packaged for a bear! And this action figure is also packed with some kick a$$ weapons… yeah one pistol, one M16 with Grenade launcher, one machete and his very old knife when thinks gets bloody!

Out of the box this action figure shows up his real size… yeah at 7inches he is taller than most 6inch marvels legends. He looks mean and ready for action even without his weapon in place! The kicker that makes him special is the cigar that is not just accurate but also very sexy!

This Dutch action figure comes with a sexy background that can used for displaying or for toy photography like I did! The background is kind of a infra red vision that the hunter sees in the movie!

This jungle extraction Dutch look very detailed, the sizing is very accurate to scale, the jackets, the brown shirt with his sleeves folder is cool. His hand glove is done nicely done and provides enough grip to hold the guns and knifes and what not! The figurines is nice even without his weapon and accessories, the face looks just like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie and thats a good thing. What I would as for more is a alternate head without a cigar but thats not a big deal!

Its only fair to put a Neca vs an other Neca so I picked his nemesis the Predator figure not the one from the same movie but a fugitive predator from the 2018 version of the movie. The predators are usually taller and stronger and that show up in the size comparison, the Predator figure stands pretty tall and even more bulky!

This figure feel heavier than most action figure (mostly Marvel legends) in my collection and was surprised when I put him in my weight scale! He tipped the scale at 134grams(0.295419 pounds), which is heavy for sure.

This is an awesome action figure and it gets some extra points because I like the movie character/actor! Leaving that part aside he is exceptionally detailed and the articulation too is cool. He is not that expensive in comparison to Marvel Legends here in India. Because he is a 7inch action figure, it will not work with other Marvel Legends thats the only bummer so far! I am itching to do a full on review and I am all charged for this action figure! Till then… Ciao.

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