McFarlane Toys makes some very fine detailed action figures of some exotic game and sports figures! Any Gears of War 4 player would know that Marcus Fenix is one famous character and his weapons are super cool! This figure of Marcus Fenix stands around 7inch, it comes with two weapons and a downloadable game code. This action figure comes in a windowed box with some sexy graphics and a 10th anniversary badge.

Gears of War-4 Marcus Fenix - Box

I picked this action figure from “Go! calendars, games & toys” located in Stamford Town Center, Stamford, USA for a price of USD. 22.99 + tax. I am not a big time “Gears of War 4” fan but picked this figure because his details and the accessory pack that pull me towards it like a magnet!

Gears of War-4 Marcus Fenix - Box

Gears of War-4 Marcus Fenix - Box

The box is comes in the shade of black with a lot of “Gears of War 4” graphics and a golden 10th anniversary badge. Unboxing this action figure is a straight forward affair like any other Marvel Studio The First Ten Years 6inch figure. This figure is fasten onto a translucent casing along with the accessories and a base. Lookout for a spin stay on the figure for more stability.

Gears of War-4 Marcus Fenix - Unboxing

Gears of War-4 Marcus Fenix - Unboxing

The box content includes all that you need for setting him up in your desk or in you display case. The box also includes a sheet that includes a game code for downloading electronic bonus content.

Gears of War-4 Marcus Fenix - Box Content

Gears of War-4 Marcus Fenix - Gear Pack

This Marcus Fenix action figure towers pretty well right next to the box and he can stand all by his own and don’t need the support of supplied base! The main Assault Rifle fit in his right hand nicely, though it is tight fit! His sidearm fits in a peg on his right pants and the fit is sleek.

Gears of War-4 Marcus Fenix - Unboxed

Gears of War-4 Marcus Fenix - Unboxed

One of the main reason for picking this 7inch figure, though I am into 6inch figures is its weight and that stubble feel, next to the fine details. So I was curious to put this action figure in my trusted digital weigh scale and was surprised to see the reading that is 251grams.

Gears of War-4 Marcus Fenix - Weight

As mentioned above, this Marcus Fenix figure has no problem standing without a base all by his own but the provided base is a nice touch to display this figure with a kind of branding flashing on! The thing about this base is that It has only one peg. The figure also comes with one peg hole that fits fine, not that loose nor tight!

Gears of War-4 Marcus Fenix - Base

Gears of War-4 Marcus Fenix - Peg Holes

Gears of War-4 Marcus Fenix Figure in Base

This action figure of Marcus Fenix comes with two weapons, i.e. customized lancer assault rifle and snub pistol sidearm, which fits in his hands nicely! His right arm hold this rifle nicely and his trigger finger in the safety. Fitting of the side arm is also snug!

Gears of War-4 Marcus Fenix - Weapons

Gears of War-4 Marcus Fenix - Main Weapon

Gears of War-4 Marcus Fenix - Pistol

Though this is a 7inch action figure, I need to do a size comparison so pulled in my Marvel Legends War Machine to stand next to this Marcus Fenix… this gives you an opportunity to see how big this guys is! This Marcus Fenix figure is bulky and butch in every aspect making him the biggest figure in my collection.

Gears of War-4 Marcus Fenix - Size Comparison

Though it is too early to say what I thing of this detailed action figure but I have to say that I am confident it will score a good deal in my review. What I guess it will score less is articulation as I could read in their website that it only has 14+ point of articulation. That one thing I like about this action figure is those joints that are almost invisible, which will score big time.

Gears of War-4 Marcus Fenix - Figure

Gears of War-4 Marcus Fenix - Figure

I was a little skeptic about this figure when I picked it up but all of that disappeared when I got him out of the box, one big relief is that the display base is removable so poseablity is not hindered! I can wait to put my review glasses and review this Gears of War-4 Marcus Fenix figure. So hold one, the review is coming soon! Till next time, Ciao.

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