Today I was out shopping for some action figure and “Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years” 6inch Iron Man but both Hamleys and Toys R Us, Bangalore don’t have any in stock. But Toys R Us had some nice Jada Nano MetalFigs, which is the same I picked few weeks back. This time I picked some villains so I picked the DC Comic “The Joker”, “The Penguin” and “Harley Quinn” along with Golden Retriever by Animal Planet.

These Jada Nano Metalfigs costs INR.199 each and are of exceptional value for money. There are more from the same collection like the Aqua Man, Wonder Women, and few other, which I kept for the next time. There were few more mini figures, which dint excite me a lot.

This Golden Retriever is made by Animal Planet and costed me INR.399. This is my third Animal Planet figure but the other two are from Dino universe. The other figure that this Toys R Us had in stock are Lions, Elephants, fishes, Giraffes, Rinos and more in different scale.

I also saw two Marvel Legends “Silver Surfer”, “Spider Man” and a lot of Avengers Infinite War 6inch figures that are from the Thanos wave in Hamleys. These guys also have a very good collection of DC bendable figurines. Though I din’t find my favorite Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years Iron Man nor anything from that series I still was happy with today’s picks.

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