Just like any other kid I too had my favorites from those cartoon series… Fantastic Four Thing was one of them due to his weird looks and enormous strength and he is very funny too in cartoon. The movie Thing was a little serious one but the looks have gotten better, thanks to the CG advancements in technology. This action figure of the Thing is doing some rounds and the internet worlds is going crazy for it! Primarily because it is a Walgreens exclusive.

As you know I am visiting US and this gives me an excuse to hut for some toys/figures that would never see Indian shore! The first one in the list is this Walgreens exclusive “Thing” and to my surprise I got from the first Walgreens I visited today. This is the last one but in a very good shape.

This marvel Thing looked good in photos and I was a little reluctant initially but the thing grow on me… and when I saw this in real, I hoped on immediately. This guys is a bit heavy for a Marvel legends 6inch action figure and worth every penny!

To give this Thing figure some company, I picked up a garland made of small plastic skeleton which are perfect in size for placing next to my figures on Halloween day! And it is very cheap too, at 2.99 for six, you can not go wrong! Both these and a 1:64 Hotwheels Mercedes Benz AMG GT in green came home from Walgreens, Stamford. Thank you guys!

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