I been collecting action figures since 2017 and 2020 is one of the best year for BAF(Build A Figure) scene as I end up completing three BAFs, one of them being the most sorted Vulture. I also made progress in most other BAF builds, thanks to FB groups and so many other souls, who helped me reach this point. At five complete BAF, my collection is not that big but from two to three seems like an achievement! Lets explore my year of BAFs 2020.

BAF - Gladiator Hulk

Lets start with what’s completed this year… First up is the “Gladiator Hulk”, which is one of the menacing figure but I was not a big fan of the movie “Thor: Ragnarok” but wanted the Marvel Select one as he is bigger and comes with more details… After losing all hope to acquire one, decided to build one… all I had is a hand and a limb! To my surprise I found a collector in FB Group, who was interested in trading a fully build Hulk for a classic “Vision” so I made that trade and made him mine.

BAF - Bro Thor

Story of Bro Thor is also the same as Gladiator Hulk but this time I have to find a “Corvus Glaive”, who is a part of two pack… But luckily I found him on time and acquired this guy on time to celebrate and other BAF win. This Thor came with a couple of pices missing like the “Strombreaker” and heads(both of them). Though head is missing as of now, the collector has promised me to give me one head with sunglasses, when he gets it, so technically that too is done from my end!

BAF - Vulture

Third and final BAF for the year is the Vulture Wings from the movie “Spiderman Homecoming” and the one in my BAF build for so long right after Hulkbuster(still a WIP) since mid 2019. I got my first figure from this around 2019, which by the way is a Vulture himself along with the Cosmic Spider-Man. But then the build took a side turn and slowed down. Though slow I managed to get all the pieces but the two pieces, which came with Spiderman figures in homemade suit and tech suit. I finally got the last piece this month and wrap a prestigious build.

Though finished a few this year, I have some backlog BAF that I dint managed to complete! Hulkbuster is the first on that log and also the first BAF I wanted to complete ever… I made some progress and now only the head is missing, which seem to be a most sorted! Giantman BAF is the second, which also missing only the head. Fortunately I got this head via Ebay and this is with a friend, which I only have to collect and complete.

I started building few new this year and they are all at different levels… M’Baku build stared around the end of the year is missing only his left hand, which escapes me every now and then but I am confident that this will hit complete state sooner. Ebay.com is filled with some many of this missing left arm but the price quote on them is insane so this may take some time… Lets see how things turn out in 2021.

BAF - Mbaku

BAF - In Progress M'Baku

I also started the Allfather BAF as old Thor and missing only his two legs! These pieces are missing in many other collectors build also so this may take time I guess! Though I am not a comic figure collector, I kind of like this BAF so picked most of these figures and sold the figures and kept the BAFs! I am also thinking of other alternates, lets see how it goes.

BAF - Oldman Thor

BAF - In Progress Oldman Thor

All in all this year has been good overall… As numbers don’t matter to me but the quality, so I don’t intent to raise my bars higher in the coming years! But Hasbro is teasing me with so many great Build A Figures, I may loose my cool and go crazy like a teenager soon! As of now “Joe Fixit” and “Venompool” looks like a good contenders but none a must have for me! But Hasbro may have trick or two to get me going… Hoping for a better year from 2021, lets see how it pans out! Happy New Year!

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