Yeah I know its relatively late for year end BAF wrap… But I have my reasons! Yeah I did completed a lot of BAFs (Build A Figure) and started two new BAFs! I even named the year 2021 as “Year of BAFs” as I managed to complete eight BAFs (which includes five work in progress from long time) my personal records to date! This is made possible that many collectors are sitting idle, losing interest, cleaning up their collection and selling extras… all these flooded the action figures FB groups with BAF pieces, some even affordable!

Marvel Legends Build a Figure - Oldman Thor and Giantman

My very first BAF build was GiantMan and even last year he still was missing his head… Finally last September the head arrived and finally my first BAF is done! Though I am not into comics figures, but I do love few BAF builds having its roots on comics! This Odin son Thor is one of my favourite comics BAF till I complete Venompool! Last year I managed to get this Thor close but missing two legs (check 2020 BAF report), which were quite rare… But this year I managed to finish and was super excited for this BAF completion!

Marvel Legends Build a Figure - Hulkbuster and Kingpin

Hulkbuster is one of my favourite BAF to date.. Yes, I was super crazy for this Hulkbuster figure I even picked that two pack as a spare! I started this Hulkbuster BAF build some 3-4 years back and super happy to complete it! Last year I started Kingpin BAF and slowly I drifted away as he was far more complicated to complete and not worth that kind of pain! This year I found a Kingpin fully build at reasonable price, so I jumped in and here he is!

Marvel Legends Build a Figure - M'baku and Fat Thor

Last year I had five work in progress BAF, which are closer to completion… like missing a piece type! And I was super happy I closed that book clean. The toughest of the lot is M’Baku as his missing lefthand is almost extinct! And in Ebay, the price reached stratosphere so I improvised and used extra righthand and flipped the joints to look like left! Guess I did a decent job! The Fat/Bro Thor was also a last year leftover but managed to complete him (with both his head) without much fuss!

Marvel Legends Build a Figure - Joe Fixit and Smart Hulk

Now comes my custom BAFs… Yeah these are basically kit bashed build as I dint do that much customisation! First up is the “Joe Fix It” build a figure, which I dit pick a head but instead used Gladiator Hulk head (without head painting) and got myself a civilian Hulk in suit! The shade difference is not that obvious so a clean one here. The next BAf is more of an extreme one as this gets more mix and match style parts… Basically its not my idea, but a idea hatched from a YouTube video to get a Smart Hulk using, Kingpin arms, Lizard lab coat and rest of the pieces from Smart Hulk wave. What do you thing? I still need to paint the hand!

Finally the WIP BAFs… In last year’s BAF post, I mentioned I would take up Joe Fix and Venompool and I did exactly that and even completed one! I picked Venompool parts thinking I would be able to complete but things dint go as per plan so he dint took off as per my plan! The Venompool may take some time to complete due to its supply vs demand! Other BAF that I am working on is the “Onslaught” and he took off fast but paused after it reached my nemesis two piece down level. Year 2022 don’t look so exciting for me in terms of BAF but Hasbro may have a trick or two up their sleeves to get me into game! Till then… Ciao!

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