Avengers: Endgame is around the corner and toy store around the world are ramping up to seize the opportunity. Toys ranging from 6inch action figures to 12inc titan figures, which are popular around kids. Today I was toy hunting in ShopperStop a multi brand super market located in InOrbit, Bangalore and found some Avengers: Endgame action figures in their toys aisle! So Though of exploring it further.

Marvel Avengers Endgame - Thanos

First 6 inch figure to get my attention is the mad titan “Thanos” in his Avengers: Endgame armor and his new double sided weapon! But being a basic series action figure the details and articulation is limited but the bummer here is his facial expression, which makes him funny.

Marvel Avengers Endgame - Hulk

Second one to hit my eye is this Hulk in his quantum suite! I would like see these two guys in a slightly bigger scale but for a basic series that cost INR.899/- this good enough! The facial of hulk is also funny and his rage is totally gone and gives him a subtle look.

Marvel Avengers Endgame - Captain America and Iron Man

Then comes my favorite character Iron Man in his quantum suite along with Captain America. Captain America comes with his shield and Iron Man comes with a blast effect in blue, which is bigger and I like! I would like this Iron Man if he had a open face as this red helmet looks a bit odd!

Marvel Avengers Endgame - Ronin and Captain Marvel

What is very new in all these action figure is this Ronin, who sports a all black costume and gold detailing! He comes with one katana, which is a bummer! The face is hadly visible and that gives him a sleek profile. Captain Marvel is the funny looking with crazy face! The outfits is nice and those gold details are sport on.

Marvel Avengers Endgame - Titan Series

Marvel Avengers Endgame - Titan Series

If you are into Titan series of figures then you have something to enjoy as well. They have a range starting from Thor, War Machine and Black Panther(I don’t know what is he doing here!) along with some figures from Avengers: Infinity War! Of this list War Machine is the most menacing of all! I would keep my hunt on and update you if any more figures shows up in our stores especially the Thnos Wave Marvel Legends! So stay tuned… Ciao.

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