I am enjoying my vacation in Dubai with family and toy hunting was also in my plan. First up is the Address Sky View, which is located right next to “The Dubai Mall” so I have lot of toy hunting planned for today. The Dubai Mall is one of the largest mall in the world so finding some decent toys should not be a trouble! Hamleys being the best toys in the World struck my mind first… yeah there is a Hamleys in this Mall so my first stop.

Hamleys - Dubai Mall

This Hamleys is located in L2 floor and looks quite menacing in its own way. The store front is finished in red and has that regular Hamleys vibe all around. Me being a action figure and diecast car collector walked straight to that section, which to my expectation is not that big but the collection is quite diverse.

SH Figuarts Ironman  - Hamleys Dubai Mall

SH Figuarts Tony stark - Hamleys Dubai Mall

What no visitor could miss in the action figure section is SH Figuart display, which mostly revolves around the Avengers theme… yeah Iron Man figures take up the entire stack raging from the first Iron Man Mark-1, Tony Stark(which can also suited look), Iron Man Mark VI with Hall of Armor Set to the last one Iron Man Mark LXXXV(85) from the Endgame movie. I was pulled to that Tony Stark figure but at 449AED(122USD) I need to take a breather!

SH Figuarts Hulk - Hamleys Dubai Mall

SH Figuarts Captain America - Hamleys Dubai Mall

That same display is shared by few other characters raging from Captain America to Wasp to Endgame Hulk all in their trademark poses! Falcon is in his dynamic flying pose… Though I like these displays I was expecting more from these beautiful action figures. Hamleys spend some time these display setup like other toys stores.

SH-Figuarts - Hamleys Dubai Mall

Misc Action Figures - Hamleys Dubai Mall

The stack nearby has lots of toys ranging from SH Figuarts, Bangdai, Kotobukiya and even Beast Kingdom! Yeah this is a shelf with lots of high-end action figures but the one that got my attention are those Beast Kingdom Iron Man Mark-1 Egg Attack figures. But thats not why I am here for, so I moved one.

Marvel Legends - Hamleys Dubai Mall

I was here to look for some Marvel Legends so especially the one released in 2021 or 2022 if I am lucky. I partially got lucky and found some The Infinity Saga Endgame Thor and Infinity War Captain America along with some other figures(199AED) from Sugarman wave and Winter Soldier wave. Off all the White Vision is the prettiest of them all.

McFarlane - Hamleys Dubai Mall

The McFarlane collection here is not that latest but has some good ones too. The Batman collection of all that from 2021 but the Armored Batman is the best of the lot for 95AED(25USD). The McFarlane DC Retro Batman Classic TV Series figures are also very nice, the Jocker stands out in this crowd.

Funko Pops  - Hamleys Dubai Mall

As expected, this Hamleys is loaded to blimp with Funko Pops even those big 18inch ones as well. I was expecting a lot of marvel pops as they used to be very popular but this one has very limited Marvel stuff but other pops like Starwars, comics, TV series fills up the entire corner.

Funko Pops  - Hamleys Dubai Mall

I have see so many store with hell a lot of stores with huge Funko collection but what makes this store special is the assortment of sizes… yeah this store has Funko pops in regular size, 6inch figures, 10inch and also 18inch. I kind of wanted to take that 10inch Iron Man Mark 43, which also glows in the dark.

Funko Pops  - Hamleys Dubai Mall

The other side has some really nice pops, which includes that crazy cool Harry Potter Dobby and so many multipacks! I am not into Funko but I keep my slot open for Iron Man pop… I initial though there is no regular Iron Man but later when making this post I found a Mark 85, with a glow in dark feature! So a big miss for sure! Though I dint do an extensive hunt as this was my second priority but this place is a definitely a place to visit. Price wise all of Dubai is bit on expensive side but a worthy in my opinion. Overall I had fun hunting for action figures and learned new brands! I may visit more store in the next few days… so stay with me!

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