I recently visited Dubai with my family for a week… Along with other attractions visiting toys store and find hidden gems was one of my must do item. Hamleys, Toys R Us, Little Things, Toys for Less are some of the places in mind. Yesterday I visited The Dubai Mall, which had some cool toys stores and Hamleys(link here) dint impress me! So today’s plan is to visit “Toys R Us” located in Times Square Center, Dubai.

Toys R US, Dubai

We visited some attraction in the day time and plane my visit to this Toys R Us by evening… As my Hotel is bit far, I took a 30min Metro and reached around 7PM. As it is a bit late, the mall is not so busy and this store is not bustling with customer so I had all the time in the world to explore it.

Hasbro Marvel Legends - ToysRUS, Dubai

I was mostly looking for 6inch Marvel Legends action figures, so I directly walked into the action figures section and started fiddling around. First up is the Infinity Saga package Avengers Endgame Thor, Avengers Infinity War Captain America and Iron Man Mark III priced around 239AED(65USD). Though I have seen the Thor in Thor yesterday in Hamleys, seeing more from the same series excited me! The same peg also has the Eternal(Gilgamesh BAF) wave along with Falcon and Winter Soldier wave all priced around 179AED(48USD) to 185AED(50USD).

Hasbro Marvel Legends Deluxe - ToysRUS, Dubai

Hinding in the background is this “ERO” in deluxe packaging, though this is super cool, I could not convince myself to pick this up. Dint even check the price as I was immediately pull by the next item.

Hasbro GI Joes Deluxe - ToysRUS, Dubai

Yeah it is not my favourite action figure line, GI Joes do excite me! Of all the joes, Snake Eyes is my top favourite and seeing him with his pet wolf timber in a two pack is like eternity! I do have a classified Snake Eyes but always wanted the timber to go with him. Seeing this package in pegs excited me a lot but at a price tag of 395AED(107USD) the price is not justifiable with all the accessories to go with.

Marvel Select Endgame Hulk - ToysRUS, Dubai

Though I was bit prepared for the elevated price but Marvel Selects are under my budget and best value for money action figures! But unlike Marvel Legends, Marvel Select options is not that big but to my surprise I found my favourite Hulk(Endgame) figure. When I saw this in the pegs, I stared looking for my favourite Gladiator Hulk but no luck! Even the pricing is ok at 199AED(55USD), so picked one for me and brought it home.

Marvel Select Endgame Gambit - ToysRUS, Dubai

There also was a Gambit figure on sale, which I guess is a there for some time keeping the pegs warm. Even priced at 129AED(35USD) this Gambit gets very few eyes. If you are into Gambit then this figure would makes sense as he is loaded with crazy set of accessories.

McFarlane Action Figures - ToysRUS, Dubai

Talking about the value for money action figures, McFarlane comes quite close to Dimond Select! McFarlane collection in Hamleys was better with far more collection but here too they have a good collection and the “Bat Raptor” took all my votes and one of bang for buck product at 99AED(26USD). There also were some DC Comics Essential Batman action figures around the corner and priced at 175AED(47USD) these are great!

McFarlane Action Figures - ToysRUS, Dubai

Though their McFarlane action figure collection is cool, but I was only looking for a “Harley Quinn” from the movie Suicide Squad, which is not seen nor found in stores yet in Dubai! Most McFarlane are priced around 99AED except the Jocker, which is priced at 105AED but still great value for money.

Fortnite Action Figure - ToysRUS, Dubai

Though I am not a big time gamer, love the Fortnite action figure line up especially their weapons! I was walking past the Fortnite aisle and found them priced at 75AED(20USD) are worthy if you like them. I personally loved the “Wild Card” for white suit look but somehow missed picking so my loss definitely!

Dragon Ball - Toys R US, Dubai

This Toys R Us also has a big collection of dragon ball Z figures. I personally like the them but my collection don’t have space for these Japanese figures. Though I don’t have that much idea on the pricing of these action figures but 169-179AED sounds like a great deal!

Funko Pop - Toys R US, Dubai

Toys store all over Dubai is filled with Funko Pops… yeah they are everywhere, even in Carefore like hypermarkets. But what is so special about this Toys R Us is its collection, yeah they even have those mega pops! I picked my favourite Gingerbread Ironman, which I been looking for some time and this makes me one more Ironman Funko richer.

Mega Funko Pop - Toys R US, Dubai

The mega pops are the best value for money pop of all at 299AED(81USD) this is one must have but I only collect Ironman in Funko Pop so nothing here for me! I actually wanted massive Ironman that I saw yesterday in Hamleys but due to baggage size limit I skipped it.

Comansi Toys - Toys R US, Dubai

I also found some interesting figures that I never though I would find it here like this Comansi Toys. But I kind of feel these are good as secondary pieces in my diorama. Here too I dint find any as I was looking for some prop pieces like animals though that tweety is super tempting!

Schleich Toys - Toys R US, Dubai

These schleich figures are relatively new to me as I have never knew they existed till date! Over all I had a great evening shopping and surfing through huge collection of toys. Though I dint pick too many toys but a worthy visit nevertheless! I would be visiting more store in the next few days and will keep you posted… Have a great day.

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