Dedicated Pop Culture hobby store concept in India is picking up and I just realized that there is one closer to my work place…Yeah less than 3 kms away, which is a awesome. Now I can visit this place everyday if I want to! This place is called “Entertainment Store”, which is located in Forum Shantiniketan Mall, Whitefield – Bangalore. This store has 3 retail locations in Bangalore and I have visited the other two years back and I love their ambiance. Their stock is exceptional, you get to see some exotic statues that you can only droll!

Deadpool - Statue

Batman 1/1 Burts

Batman - Statue

Till these guys showed up, the only option that we Indian collectors have is to visit toys stores like “Hamleys”, “Toys R Us” and “Sapphire Toys” for picking some action figures and comic themed toys. Fortunately for me I visited some western countries where these hobby store concept has matured and works as a hangout spot for collectors, than a store to pick your products.

Batman vs Superman - Statue

Batman Amazing Yamaguchi Action Figure

I have to start with this note… This store is biased to DC Comics, yeah the store has lot of Batman stuffs or in general DC Comics stuffs dominates. But I have to give it to them for setting the store decor in such a way they don’t look like a DC Store! In my personal opinion I like the decor, though small in comparison to other stores but the setup is quite nice. Off all the Batman statues and action figures, I like their Yamaguchi version(one above), which justifies the price of INR.8799 every bit.

Batman And Superman Q Figure

DC Comics - Vinyl Pop

The Funko section is mostly dominated by Marvel characters but “Q Figure” have some crazy DC figures like this Superman & Batman figure and the Joker figure is just hilarious! I am planning to open a new slot for these figures because these are growing on my like a plague!

DC Action Figures

Justice League Armored Batman Action Figure

If you are into Batman figure collection, then have some for every collector… yeah from bendable figures to 1/4 scale big action figure, from 6inch action figure to diecast Batmobile in multiple scales. There is also all diecast replica of Batwing designed by Anton Furst for the 1989 movie.

Superman - Artfx Statue

If Superman is your favorite superhero and wanted have a decent statue of him in your desk/display then they got you covered as well… This All metal Superman statue by Artfx is very nice and relatively heavy living upto the name “Man of Steel”.

Preacher Action Figure

Just like any other hobby store, this store is also filled with action figures in many variations. The usual suspects like the Marvel Legends and Mattel DC Multiverse took the top spot. But there were some other figures like this Negan from the movie Walking Dead and Jesse Custer from Preacher needs special mentioning.

Gears of War - Action Figure

Neca Action Figures

Today they are running some sale on select products, which includes fewer Necas, Marvel Legends, Dc Collectibles and Gears of War Damon Baird carry the biggest price cut tag at 50%. I took this opportunity and picked my long time wishlist item The Terminator Endoskeleton by Neca along with a Dark Knight Tumbler in 1:32 scale.

Endgame - Marvel Legends Action Figure

Captain Marvel - Marvel Legends Action Figure

With the Avengers Endgame a few days away they have the entire Endgame Thanos wave right next to Captain Marvel Tree Sentry wave, which has been sitting here for sometime keeping those pegs warm. Titan Hero figures are also there and my favorite is the Quantum Suit Hulk, who looks cool in those grey black suit.

6inch Action Figures

Even for non marvel legends collectors, there are figures that satisfies your urge! Those bendable Looney Tunes figures and Popeye looks very cute. Star Trek and Batman bendable figures by NJCroce and those Call of Duty mini figures are in there for grabs.

Funko Pop - Hulk vs Loki

Funko Pop - Thanos vs Thor

Funko Pop - Avengers Endgame

If you are into Funko Pops then you are in for treat… Yes, You would be greeted by these Pop figures and this time around I was surrounded by the Endgame Pop figures. And the catch is that all Avengers Endgame Funko Pops get a heavy discount and are sold at INR.839, which used to be INR.1099!

Harry Potter - Vinyl Pop

Game of Thrones - Vinyl Pop

Harry Potter based Pops along with Game of Thrones pop figures took side kicks area. Then again the “Q Fig” Harry Potter figures looks far more active and I like them more than the Funkos out there. But the I am not a Harry Potter fan so I cannot judge them by any means!

Tintin - Mini Figures

Tintin - Mini Figures

There is also a big collection of Tintin based figurines and wanted to own them all but at 1700+ each, I will have hold my horses! But the price is very much justified by the details along. For me the best of the lot is Snowy with a Can, Cowboy Tintin and Fakir Cipacalouvishni for his mad details.

Misc - Mini Figures

This is definitely a goldmine for any comic prop or figure collector. No matter how much money you are plan to spend, you will find something for you here. Apart from these items shown they have a lot that might interest a true blue fan… Yeah there is T-shirts, Poster, Shot Glasses and more, which sure will excite you. Overall, the time spend here was super exciting and had my heart filled with awesome memories. Hope you will have fun here too, let me know your experience in the comments section below.

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