Dubai in general is a shopper’s paradise and toy hunting here is a fun! Though my visit is for a short duration, I did cover some fine toy stores! Yes I covered Hamley and few other toys stores in Dubai Mall and Toys R Us few days back and today I am visiting “The Little Things” in Bluewaters Island where the Ain Dubai is located too. I visited one of “The Little Things” in Dubai Mall so I decided to do a single post covering both stores.

The Little Things - Dubai Mall

Let me first start with “The Little Things” store in Dubai Mall, which I visited few days back. This store is located inside a mall so its kind of small but loaded to blimp with exotic action figures, statues and toys. When I visited this store, it had a life size Lord Voldemort statues greeting you all.

Statue - The Little Things - Dubai Mall

This place is loaded with statues but I am not here for statues so dint pay that much attention to them! But still one statue (Guts and Griffith’s battle against Immortal Zodd) which impressed me is the above one… The details on this statue is top class and the size intimidates anybody looking at it even from a distance. Priced at 7,599AED(2070USD), this is worth every penny.

Ironman Figures - The Little Things - Dubai Mall

Me being a Marvel Legends collector is here looking for 6inch action figures and I was surprised by the variety that this store offers… yeah there is one display that has a collection of Ironman figures and the SH Figuarts Mark 85 (LXXXV) was my top pick of the lot. And Ironman Mark XXIII in cool camo like finish by ComicCave(I guess) is runner up here.

Marvel Figures - The Little Things - Dubai Mall

Though the Marvel figure don’t have big foot in this store (action figures context) but the collection is quite diverse. The price range for the Marvel Legends Infinity Saga series ranges from 250AED(69USD) and normal ones are priced around 200AED. SH Figuarts takes the top desire slot but at 420AED(115USD) I feel its a bit steep but a worthy buy if you could afford it.

Starwars Figures - The Little Things - Dubai Mall

Starwars Figures - The Little Things - Dubai Mall

If you into StarWars then these guys got you covered too. As I dint know much about this line I skimmed through their collection and the shiny troopers in red, white and blacks are the one that stood out in my memory. And I am a BIG R2D2 fan so they also got my attention but nothing fancy here.

Basketball Figures - The Little Things - Dubai Mall

GhostBusters Figures - The Little Things - Dubai Mall

If you like to have Ghostbuster movie figures in your display/collection then these Mezco One 12 collection could impress you, what I like about these figures is their cloth outfit. Basketball fan can also find some interesting fine toys and statues of your favourite players.

Power Rangers Figures - The Little Things - Dubai Mall

Power Rangers lovers also has something to get excited about. Yeah the Power Rangers series action figures by ThreeZero is a juicy display piece but priced at 2999AED(815USD) this is out of my budget by a huge margin! The details and articulation is top class so worthy buy!

Funko Pops - The Little Things - Dubai Mall

Funko Mega Pops - The Little Things - Dubai Mall

Just like the other toy stores here too Funko section is considerably big but what got my attention is this mega pops Batman!! I also see a lot of signages that says “Please Don Not Touch” or “Nice to touch, nice to hold but if you break it consider it sold!” so I am guess they could have had some past experience with kids invading this place.

Pennywise Lifesize Statue - Little Things - Bluewaters Island Dubai

There is one more “The Little Things” in Bluewaters Island so I visited it too after my visit to the world’s tallest observation wheel called Ain Dubai! This store is called “The Little Things x Seedlogy Cafe” so it has a slightly different decor. This store has a life-size Pennywise(though missing a right palm) which gives me whiplash! Being a small store, this place is loaded so looks a bit crowed for my liking!

The Little Things - Bluewaters Island Dubai

This store located right near Ain Dubai gets decor updates every now and then… I looked up in google maps and the decor is totally different, so I believe the store goes through interior update to match the theme… When I visited they kind of have a Chinese decor, guessing to cash in on the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Action Figures - Bluewaters Island Dubai

Manga Action Figures - Bluewaters Island Dubai

The display and arrangement is pretty much same but most display have a specific theme and I love this display setup more! One side of the store is dominated by Marvel themed toys and the other is taken by Manga toys and figures. Unlike the Dubai Mall store, this store has some sale going on so you could find some deals too.

Marvel Action Figures - The Little Things - Dubai Mall

Marvel Action Figures - The Little Things - Dubai Mall

The action figures section here is dominated by SH figuarts and Marvel Legends. But there are some mix and match with some statues giving these a novel touch. I personally like the poses and placement and lighting. Though the pricing card kind of kills my vibe but a easy to browse if you interested in picking them up.

Marvel Action Figures - The Little Things - Dubai Mall

Small to medium size statues are a plenty here and all of them are in their action poses making this section the best to look at. Deadpool and Hulk statues are the best in this section but I like the Taskmaster as well. Looking at these figures/statues I kind of feel like I wanted to have some in my collection as these seamless poses is not possible with any action figure ever.

Marvel Women Action Figures - The Little Things - Dubai Mall

The women power section in this store is my favourite display as this has some cool figure in dynamic poses! Captain Marvel in binary striking pose, Gwen Stacy in swing pose and Jane Foster with massive wing takes my top spot. I am learning to pose with figures from these statues. Overall these places are must visit if you are looking for some cool figures and statues. So I would say, your visit is incomplete if you skip these places! What you say?

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