Avengers: Infinity War is one of my favorite Marvel and I wanted to collect all figure from the movie… I started this quest a while back and this Marvel’s Falcon is one of my holy grail action figure and this “Winter Soldier and Marvel’s Falcon” two pack is in my cross hair for some time since I first saw this in Target, Stamford for USD. 39.99/-. I have to put the purchase decision on hold because my travel bag was tipping full, then released that I made a wise decision as it was made available in my home country India soon.

Marvel's Falcon and Winter Soldier - Two Pack

I been looking at this action figure two pack in Toys R Us, Bangalore but something or other comes in the between all the time! Finally I decided to pick this two pack today as it is growing on me at a rapid pace. Toys R Us, Bangalore even offered 20% discount as a Republic Day Special offer made the deal even sweeter so I have to pay only INR.3199/- as opposite to the original retail price of INR.3999/-

Hasbro Spiderman - Basic

I love Spiderman as a comic character since childhood day… but unfortunately I couldn’t pick a decent Marvel Legends Spiderman action figure to date! Of all the suits he put on, the Iron Spider outfit is my favorite and I managed to acquire an Unbranded Iron Spider (Unboxing Here) When I saw this basic Spiderman(at INR.499/-) by Hasbro today in Landmark, I couldn’t countrol myself from picking up.

Marvel's Falcon and Winter Soldier - Two Pack

Today’s acquisition is something that I felt real nice and touched my heart. And this “Winter Soldier and Marvel’s Falcon” two pack will be my priced possession for ages to come. Overall I absolutely love the hunt and the find so as the deals!

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