New York City is a city of dreams and people visit it to follow all sort of dreams… I was visiting it for some sight seeing and checked off “Statue of Liberty”, “Walstreet – Charging Bull” and finally Times Square… And one important spot I wanted to visit is this “Disney Store” that lot of collectors are talking high of! I wanted to visit it because I was looking for some Disney exclusive Marvel select Thanos or Iron Man Mark50.

Disney Newyork City Store

This store is spread over two floors and the ground floor houses a lot of soft toys and a kick ass “Cars – Lightning McQuee” movie car surrounded by Incredibles 2 figures and toys. There were some nice “Incredibles 2” figures but I saw far more better deals in “Target” and “Walmart” last week in Stamford so dint bothered to pick any here and carry it all the way back.

Disney Store - Marvel Select Black Panther

Because I was looking for something specific (Marvel Select action figures) I went straight to first floor where they have boys toys like action figures, and stuff like that. But to my surprise they only have two Marvel Select figures i.e. Black Panther and a Home Coming Spider Man! Because I wasn’t looking for it I have to skip!

Disney Antman Set

“Ant Man and The Wasps” movie stuffs are doing great so Disney is doing its best to cash in on trend. This Ant Man and The Wasps set that have here is the only Disney playset that carry a Marvel badge and It is a wonderful set. I personally liked “Ghost” figure and big fly ant in this set for their exclusivity.

Disney Newyork City Store

Disney - Star Wars Set

Disney - Solo Star Wars Set

Disney stores usually are filled with a lot of “Star Wars” stuffs. Playset are everywhere and have a lot of variance to choose from and I personally liked the one with “R2D2” in the mix, the Solo set also a very nice set if you are into Star Wars.

Disney Store - Star Wars R2D2

The one that I personally liked is this diecast “R2D2” for its build, details and the paint works. Because I have to make couple of more stops, I decided to pick it up next week when I have bigger bag to carry in this beauty.

Disney Mickey's Christmas Carol

And the last and by my favorite is this “Mickey’s Christmas Carol” set and this set got my attention because of this “Mickey” figurine with a hat and a brown bag. These Disney figurines are awesome, colors some how pop under their lighting setup and I love these for that. I wasn’t so happy because I dint find anything I was looking for… But a trip to Disney Store itself is an experience and I am so happy that I finally had that experience, which I cherish for the rest of my life!

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