For most people New Year eves means party till you drop… I being a collector (diecast scale model cars, motorbikes and aircrafts), this is the time I look back and see how my year went by! Usually I make a post consolidating all my collection but this year I got into action figure collection (and this new fabulous blog) so I thought, why not post top 10 action figures that I acquired this year to kick start a new beginning! Here is my List of top 10 action figures that I acquired this year! Lets get started, shall we?

Top 10 Action Figures - 2018

I picked a lot of action figures ranging from Jada’s nano figs to massive big figs Batman and for simplicity I picked only 6inch and 7inch action from my collection and prepared this list. On a quick glance, I like a lot of BAF reiterations and big butch figures! Here comes the full list… enjoy!

Marvel Legends Thing Action Figure

Marvel’s Thing – Marvel Legends: First up is one of my priced possession! The Marvel’s Thing is one of my favorite because of its exclusivity… yeah it was never released in India so the exclusivity! Also this action figure comes with an extra head and also a extra set of hands giving me countless options make it to this list.

Marvel Studio First 10 Years Dr.Strange Action Figure

Dr.Strange – Marvel Studio First 10 Years: Marvel Studio’s celebrates the first 10 years this year and Hasbro released a specialist of action figures to commemorate this special occasion, I to got excited for this because of the variant that this gave me! Dr.Strange is one of them and the quality is exceptional and very pocket friendly so he is in this list! The face details and accessories that I came with pull me towards this three pack which also housed Iron Man Mark-50 and Thanos in a nice package!

Neca - Jungle Extraction Dutch Action Figure

Jungle Extraction Dutch – Neca: Ok, Lets start with a Neca! Yes I got two Neca action figures and this “Arnold Schwarzenegger” from the original Predator movie is the first to come by and the last to get his freedom! I love this figure for the details, the character posture and the accessories it came with! The articulation is kind of a let down or maybe I am not used Neca the way I know to Marvel Legends!

Iron Spider Action Figure

Iron Spider – Unknown: Avengers: Infinity War is one cool Marvel movie and the characters all contribute to the success of it! I kind of loved every one of them and in a quest to put them all together into my collection some time soon. One most important piece is Iron Spider! Marvel release a version of Iron Spider before the movie release but the mechanical arm that made this suite far more exciting is missed! So I was looking for option abroad and found this in a chines site and picked him without second thought! The figure has limited articulation but the gold shaded arms are super flexible and worth the price!

Marvel Studio Hulkbuster Action Figure

Hulkbuster – Marvel Studio First 10 Years: I am one big time Iron Man fan and Hulkbuster is my favorite armor of all his suites! I missed to complete the Build a Figure wave but was super excited when Hasbro announced this beauty, I got this on the first opportunity to acquire and was super happy with since then! This came with his opponent Hulk from the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron and he is equally good! I love him for his weight, fine detailing and paint finish!

Marvel Studio  Ironman Mark 1 Action Figure

Iron Man Mark 1 – Marvel Studio First 10 Years: Hasbro makes a lot of Iron Man action figures than it could count and I love them all! This Mark 1 is one of my favorite because of my love for the movie that started it all! This came along with Tony Stark in that sexy two pack with some sexy graphics and I used it for my Iron Man Rescue and Tony’s Christmas Eve Party photoshoot I did earlier! Though articulation is very limited but he is more like a relic that talks about the history of Iron Man!

Neca - Fugitive Predator Action Figure

Fugitive Predator – Neca: I been eyeing Neca Predator action figures for some time, ever since Dutch came home. And one fine I decided to click that Buy Now button and in few days he is home! I just love the accessory set and the extra head makes this deal far more sweet! This Predator gets its core from the newest 2018 “The Predator” movie and seem pretty accurate too!

DC Multiverse Steppenwolf Action Figure

Steppenwolf – DC Multiverse: I love DC Comics movies as much as Marvel movies and Justice League is one of my favorite movie slightly behind Batman Begins and the Villain Steppenwolf is one primary reason! I stared DC Multiverse collection and picked the entire Steppenwolf wave to complete this menacing figure! He is tall and the finish is all top class! The articulation is somewhat limited but I am ok with it and enjoying ever moment with it!

Marvel Studio Thanos Action Figure

Thanos – Marvel Studio First 10 Years: Thanos is the strongest titan and he gave our Avengers a run for their money in Infinity War! So to complete the collection is one of the integral part and also he look nice and add a bit of oomps to any collection! I missed the BAF intentionally because I was expecting this and the wait is worth every bit! He came with a far more better paint finish and that detailed face! The extra face gives us some extra customization and thats the cherry on icing!

Marvel Studio Ultron Action Figure

Ultron – Marvel Studio First 10 Years: Ultron action figure is a tough figure to find both in India and also in US but I some got lucky and got it! This is one figure I wanted for his paint finish and detailing! Though he is a part of Marvel Studio First 10 Years wave one but not numbered so I would call it a bonus, which was introduced to satisfy collectors like us who missed the initial BAF!

Top 10 Action Figures - 2018

Before I warp this I have to put forth this note, this is my top 10 and it is highly subjective not objective. And also these action figurines are not arranged in any order… I am very new to this hobby and having the best time this year 2018 and hope the 2019 even better! Happy New Year everybody!

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