Hamleys is one cool place to hangout if you are a kid or a toy lover (action figures included). I been buying diecast cars, action figures and other props from them ever since they had a store established here in Bangalore. I love their collection but what keeps me coming back is to this wonderful place is its ambience. I was in Chennai, Tamil Nadu a city 300kms from Bangalore for business and found time to chill… I thought of looking around and realized that there is a Hamleys, Express Avenue, which is close by and I thought I will visit them.

I was there by around 7:00 and it is located in the ground floor and expands to the first floor as well. For starters it is in a nice Mall and the ambiance is relatively good. First I was in the ground floor but it is mostly for stuffed toys, barbies and some board games. Then I moved on to the first floor, which is kind of boys corner and I was greeted by a big array of action figures and comic stuffs! Wow that is crazy!

Toy Hunting in Hamley Chennai

The action figure corner is mostly filled with Marvel merchandise ranging from 6inch Marvel Legends to those huge 12inch Legends. There are some good collection Hero Vision helmets alone with some other pops. The Might Mug collection is also there but no new figure like Thanos etc.

Toy Hunting in Hamley Chennai

Toy Hunting in Hamley Chennai

I am not sure if these Marvel Legends X-Men series figures are new or not, but they look really new and even the package is clean. Some older Spider Man figures were also there.

Hamley Chennai Toy Hunt - Marvel Legends Deadpool

Hamley Chennai Toy Hunt - Marvel Legends - Vision and Scarlet Witch

What excited me of all the collection they have is the Deadpool (Black N Back) and the Scarlet Witch/Vision 2 pack. But I dint bag any of them because of the space constrain in my luggage bag. I did get a B2-Spirit by NewRay because I been looking for it for some time.

Hamley Chennai - Batman Animated Series

The do have some stuff for DC Comics lovers, both in movie and animated series. Though most of them are bendable figures, some like these action figures by DC Collectibles and they look super cool and detailed. The Riddler figure is the best as per my view.

Toy Hunting in Hamley Chennai - Starwars Figures

Toy Hunting in Hamley Chennai - Starwars Figures

Starwars fans don’t have much to go around but a small peg with some figures caught my eyes… Because I not into Starwars much I could not make out, who is who but these two figure pack by Hasbro stood out.

Toy Hunting in Hamley Chennai - Lego Figures

It is becoming a custom that Lego is amazing every customer by putting a hug statue made by Lego bricks and I found one here as well. Over the visit is worth it and not a boring one at least. I spend around an hour and the time just flew by! As per me the product are well maintained and price is all as per MRP and there are some sale products too, yeah I got a 30% discount in my B2 airplane. Will I recommend this place, Yes. Till next time from one other store… Ciao.

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