Time is now to say bye to another year and welcome the next year’s surprise! Yes, its New Year eve and I am sitting here looking at the year passing by and compiling my Top 10 Hasbro Action Figures for the year 2020! Lets get started with what list comprises of… shall we? This is “My Top 10” and it is not based on polls or general data, basically these are top figures that love and acquired in the year 2020! Yeah I meant it correct… this is not list of action figures released in 2020 but the figures that got in year 2020! So this may have some older figures too but I tried to pick the best so most of them are fairly new!

Black Panther

Marvel Legends - Shuri

Before we get into series matters, lets honour the list of action figures who cannot make it to the top stack but are worthy paying big bugs for them! First up is Black Panther from the “Best of 2020” wave and Shuri from “Smart Hulk” wave, this brother and sister combo is one of my favourite in all of MCU. Of these two Shuri is more closer to heart as BP is released in the past and started boring a little!

Marvel Legends - Heimdall

Marvel Legends - Rescue Pepper Potts

Two more Marvel Legends deservers mentioning is the Heimdal from “Bro Thor” wave and Rescue(Pepper Potts) from Smart Hulk wave. They both are kick ass characters and I just am privilege to have them in my collection this year. Yeah Rescue along with Shuri are imports(via Amazon.com) as I cannot find them in India any more! Pepper played an important role in my Woman Squad, which I am kind of building slowly and show off every women’s day (click here for full coverage). This version of Heimdall is seen in both “Thor: Ragnarok” and also in “Avengers: Infinity War” so he can play double duties! This Heimdall looks menacing with his ragged suit and massive sword!

Marvel Legends - Black Widow

Lets get into the real deal… Taking the tenth place is the movie “Black Widow” from the Crimson Dynamo wave. I love MCU Black Widow figure and this is my third figure and my second favourite right next to Avengers: Infinity War Black Widow. This figure comes with some crazy articulation, cool face sculpt and also comes loaded with quite a collection of weapons.

Marvel Legends - Spiderman

At ninth place I have two figures from a same movie line Spider-Man Far From Home… Yes its the “Spiderman updated Suit” and “Night Monkey” stealth suit action figure from Molten Man wave! Though not a 2020 release, I got these two guys in 2020 so add these to my “Top 10”. I include two because I love them both equally and cannot score any less. These two scored high for their articulation and sculpt detailing.

Marvel Legends - Stan Lee

Stan Lee” in premium packing stands at eighth’s spot… Though this figure is a very regular figure, the Stan Lee head and other accessories make this a very desirable figure at the least. Though its the Head differentiat this from other figure, the details on the head is just mind blowing. Of the two accessory he come loaded with, my personal favourite is the Captain America’s shield with Stan Lee signature.

Marvel Legends - Task Master

At seventh’s position is the MCU “Task Master” from the Crimson Dynamo wave as well. Though I don’t know anything about this character, he looks kick ass in real and the weapons he comes with makes him cooler! He only comes with a masked face sculpt but the details on his face is just mind-blowing and one of the reasons why I have him in my collection in first place. After all who will superheros fight if they don’t have a worthy villain!

Marvel Legends - Iron Man

Apart from being a iconic Ironman armour this Iron Man Mark LXXXV is detailed to take on fancy opponent. This “Iron Man Mark LXXXV” is not from the original Bro Thor wave but from the recently released best of 2020 wave. Though identical as the original release, this Ironman action figure don’t come with a gauntlet but definitely a cool one especially for an Ironman fan boy like me.

Yet an other 2019 action figure taking a spot… At five we have “Iron Spider” from Avengers: Infinity War two pack. I love Spiderman since childhood days and Iron Spider is by far my top favourite to day… the original 2018 release of Iron Spider without his mechanical arms kept me away from get him… when Hasbro announced the two pack with Iron Man Mark L I grabbed him on the first sight. I personally like him displayed with his arms in action else he is just an other Spidey!

Marvel Legends - War Machine

Again we have a 2019 released marvel legends figure for fourth place… yeah its none other that “War Machine” from Smart Hulk wave! I managed to get it only this year as the stock that came in last year was limited and I wasn’t quick to click that buy button! This War Machine lost its original charm and desirability when the MCU accurate Iron Patriot rebased, but still I love this block carbon paint schema so made it to this list!

Now we enter the top 3 position and all these are equally competent and are neck to neck… At third position is the Groot Evolution pack, which was a “Toys R Us” exclusive few years back… We Indian finally got this and I got him on the first instance I saw him online! This is a pack of three Groot figure, two of them are baby Groot! I love all of them and the Adult Groot has a small grin making him a little sweet to look at. I like to pose him along with his potted version making him even cooler!

Marvel Legends - Shang Chi

This year’s runner up pos goes to the Master of Kung Fu “Shang Chi” from Demogoblin wave! This guy was very special as I won a second one in a photography contest! This Shang Chi is a beautifully crafted figure and I give him full marks to in terms of body work and accessories. The articulation is also cool and joint gives us flexibility to pose him quit easily. I gave him second place as because the first place contestant is even cooler… this guy would have got the top pos if Hasbro had given an extra screaming head.

Marvel Legends - Snakeeyes

At top position, I have Snakeeye from G.I.Joe classified series and this is the only non Marvel Legends in this list and my only G.I.Joe figure. Though this is a comic figure, I like it so much as he resembles the movie version! I am not into G.I.Joes much but may add few playmate in the future to complete the scene. The main reason he got this spot is the accessories and the shiny body work.

Hope you all had fun reading though this post… Have a wonderful year ahead, Happy New Year!

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