I was in US for a few weeks on Business around Stamford, me being a diecast cars and action figurines aficionado wanted to explore the stores… One such place poped first is GameStop and when I found a store close by in Stamford, I wanted to visit it so bad! The next weekend I was there like a zombie, here is my view on the store and its stock!

This GameStop is located inside mall called “Stamford Town Center” and is not a big store by the looks of it! Yes, the store looks tiny even for a tourist visiting US for the first time! But the stock looks decent and collection is great if you are into video game titles and accessories!

GameStop, Stamford - Marvel Studios The First Ten Years Peg

Prime reason for me being there is to pick up some action figure either Marvel Studios the first ten years “Ultron” to the “Iron Man Mk5, Thanos and Dr. Strange” three pack. With in few minutes I found my first candidate for pick up and I secured it nicely!

GameStop, Stamford - Marvel Legends Peg

Fueled by the first round success I started exploring the store a bit in detail… The stock is pretty limited as far as the action figurines concern but most of them are relatively new like the first ten years “Marvel Studio Ultron”, “X-Men Wolverine” comic version along with his friends like “Sabretooth” and “Magneto”. There are some Sauron build a figure wave “Deadpool” and some older Spiderman stuff.

GameStop, Stamford - Marvel Studios The First Ten Years Peg

Apart for the Ultron that I picked, there are other Marvel Studio The First Ten Year figures like the RedSkull, “Captain America and Crossbow” two pack, other than that its dry, maybe dried out by collectors I guess. there is also a “A.I.M. Scientist and Shock Trooper” two pack. What I like really but couldn’t pick up is that diecast metal build “Super Man” by Mattel, who is great but I ran out of space in my travel bag so got to give him a skip! Over all this is small place but a cool one to hang out once in a while. They definitely have newer stuff no questions there, but not much to play around. They also have a good collection of Funko Pops but that don’t intrigue me the way these action figures do so I dint get excited much! Overall it is good experience and a great hut! Till next time… Ciao!

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